Wake up, Fauquier!

I’m talking to you, Warrenton … New Baltimore … neighborhoods of Warrenton Chase, Woods of Warrenton, Ivy Hill, Warrenton Lakes, Millwood, Raymond Farm, Whippoorwill, Jamison’s Reserve, Suffield Meadows, Snow Hill … and those are only the ones that I know will be directly impacted. I’m sure there are more.

Add to that so many of our friends and neighbors not in specific neighborhoods … or those slightly removed from the direct path of the coming ugliness, who will be impacted in their country views or in their overall finances because of imminent future development. We have a HUGE threat on our doorstep and we need to act NOW as a community to prevent a hideous blight on our beautiful county and our homes.

Dominion Energy is looking to build power lines through our neighborhoods to allow them to provide power to a proposed Amazon warehouse to be situated behind Country Chevrolet on Blackwell Road in Warrenton. But … they’re not satisfied with only powering a to-be-built substation behind the car dealership for Amazon’s use – they want to extend those humongous and unsightly power poles down Rt. 29 and through New Baltimore to another substation near Vint Hill.

Not only will this be an ugly smear across our landscape, but consider the following: Your home value could be negatively impacted; you may have financial impacts from Dominion Power for the cost of running those huge towers; and likely this major increase in power availability could easily lead to much more development in our community.

The proposed type of power lines would utilize metal towers that are 110-feet minimum in height and could go as high as 130 feet. This will likely remove some trees and will rise above others. Won’t this be gorgeous around your home and down Rt. 29?

A diagram of the proposed routes through and around Warrenton, and then down Rt. 29 can be viewed on the Piedmont Environmental Council Website at pecva.org.

We need to act now and we need to come together as a community to show the power of the people when we are united. What can YOU do?

Contact the following to express your concerns:

Additionally, there will be Community Open Houses:

-Wednesday, June 22, 4:00-7:00pm, Kettle Run High School , 7403 Academic Ave, Nokesville, VA

-Thursday, June 23, 4:00-7:00pm, Fauquier County Fairgrounds, 6209 Old Auburn Road, Warrenton, VA

Please do NOT wait for the Community Open Houses before you express your views. Dominion is pushing this through as quickly as possible. We need your voice NOW!

Get involved! Tell your neighbors! This will have a tremendously negative impact on our community. You can find more information on the Piedmont Environmental Council page, pecva.org and on the “Protect Fauquier” Facebook page.

We need YOU! Dominion Energy needs to hear that Fauquier County citizens are not going to stand by and see our homes ruined by hideous power lines.

Call! Write! Make your voice heard!


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